11-inch Square Fused Glass Plate - Abstract Blots

This pleasant piece is made with Sys 90 Fusible Glass sheets, frits and stringers to form a beautiful, yet functional piece of tableware. The piece is kiln-fired twice - once to a fire polish finish and once for slumping into form. This piece is a single layer of an approximate thickness of 5mm, which makes it durable and day-to-day usable. Fused Glassware is dishwasher safe but not microwaveable. A truly unique piece of decorative art that is perfect for the home or as a gift for that someone special. Each piece is individually signed and numbered by Janet and comes with an individually hand-written note. FREE Delivery in Singapore.

"This piece turned out to be a very light, subtle piece with a clear background and very complementary blues and greens in an abstract style. Very much like an abstract painting. I hope this piece brings you the same joy and wonder that it bought me to create it.

Love, Janet"