6" dia Hand painted Glass Ball - Orchids Anna Black - Singapore series Christmas Tree Ornament

Part of the Singapore series, this glass ball is a hand painted scene of Orchids - Anna Black, adorned with glass beads and sequins and set against a gold coloured background. The piece is finished off with a tasteful decorative ribbon. A truly unique piece of decorative art that is perfect for the season and as a gift for that someone special. Each piece is individually signed and numbered by Janet. Every glass ball comes with a gift box and individually hand-written note from Janet. FREE Delivery in Singapore.

"Another orchid that I love, the Anna Black. Their ability to thrive in our hot and humid weather and yet produce beautiful, wondrous colours and shapes has always intrigued me. I hope this piece helps to spread the festive cheer to you and your family and friends, by adding a little piece of natural beauty and Singapore.

Love, Janet"