Blooming Harmony - 12 3/4" Round Table Mat - 8 designs available

"Blooming Harmony" is an upcycled table mat, expertly crafted to showcase vibrant floral prints and intricate decorative inner pieces. Janet Goh utilized a 3mm batting to provide a sturdy, cushioned base, enhancing both durability and comfort. The table mat features a striking combination of fabrics, with a bold floral print at the center framed by a contrasting, equally lively border. Each layer is meticulously stitched together, ensuring a seamless blend of colors and patterns. The use of reclaimed fabrics highlights Janet's commitment to sustainable art, transforming everyday items into unique, decorative pieces.

Janet Goh was inspired by the vibrant beauty and diversity of blooming flowers, aiming to bring the joy and freshness of a garden into the home. "Blooming Harmony" reflects her appreciation for nature's intricate designs and vivid colors. By using upcycled materials, Janet emphasizes the theme of renewal and the beauty of transformation, turning discarded fabrics into a work of art. Her goal is to create pieces that not only serve a functional purpose but also evoke a sense of happiness and tranquility, celebrating the simple yet profound beauty of nature.