Celestial Harmony - Cushion Covers 20" x 20" - 3 designs available

"Celestial Harmony" is an upcycled handmade pillowcase cover, meticulously crafted using reclaimed fabrics to promote sustainability. The base fabric is a sturdy, dark canvas adorned with small, geometric prints. Janet Goh intricately embroidered a central mandala design, using a combination of vibrant threads in hues of orange, green, and white. The circular pattern is surrounded by concentric rings of hand-stitched embellishments, usinf cording and decorative sewing. This piece showcases a blend of traditional embroidery techniques, felting on wool & decorative stitching with a modern aesthetic, highlighting the intricate detailing and the texture of the materials. 3 design variations available

Janet Goh drew inspiration from the natural world and the cosmos to create "Celestial Harmony." Fascinated by the symmetry and beauty found in nature and the night sky, she aimed to capture the essence of balance and tranquility. The mandala design symbolizes unity and completeness, reflecting Janet's philosophy of interconnectedness and harmony within the universe. By using upcycled materials, Janet not only emphasizes environmental consciousness but also conveys a message of renewal and transformation, celebrating the beauty of giving new life to forgotten fabrics.