GeoPatch Vibrance Coasters - Set of 3 - 5" x 5"

Crafted from an array of repurposed fabric scraps, the GeoPatch Vibrance Coasters are a testament to sustainable artistry. Each coaster is meticulously assembled using precision-cut pieces of discarded textiles, chosen for their robust quality and vivid hues. The fabrics are then arranged into an eye-catching geometric mosaic, stitched together to ensure durability. A final backing layer adds stability, transforming these reclaimed materials into functional home accessories.

Inspired by the dynamic energy of urban street art and the ethos of environmental conservation, the artist behind Janet’s Style Collection sought to infuse life into forgotten fabrics. Drawing from the spontaneous interplay of colors and shapes found in city murals, these coasters embody a spirit of modern eclecticism. Each piece serves as a canvas where abstract expressionism meets practical craftsmanship, reflecting both a passion for artistic innovation and commitment to eco-friendly practices